• * Pascalcoin $PASC
    • Key Features: Safebox

    • Programming Language: Written from Scratch in Pascal

    • Consensus Mechanism: PoW (Proof of work)

    • Hash Algorithm: RandomHash (Pascalcoin developer aim to solve mining centralization problem through their algorithm randomhash)

    • Lead Developer:

    • No ICO, no premine; the PascalCoin Foundation receives 20% of the mining reward

    • Scalabiility:

      • Safebox: SafeBox complements the blockchain in a way that allows the blockchain history to be deleted as an option while retaining its full cryptographic security. The SafeBox also in effect removes any blockchain memory bloat, a universal problem for all other blockchains’ full nodes. This paves the way for true decentralization.
      • Because of  safebox, pascalCoin can run for hundreds of years at a ultra-high throughput whilst maintaining a finite, minimal storage footprint on a mobile device.
    • An unsolved problem of Pascalcoin: * *“limited accounts problem”.

      • “Many people ask “What if millions of users wanted to use PascalCoin?”. We have no way to support that right now. Currently, accounts are in abundance and can be purchased for under 1 PASC and we should ensure this situation is always the case. However, if we get big numbers of users, we cannot support them.”
    • *Zero fee. *PascalCoin’s 0-confirmation transactions offer instant and secure payments for merchants. Users are permitted 1 zero-fee transaction every 5 minutes.

    • Governance & Treasury: PascalCoin had no ICO or premine. Anyone can make proposals for funding from the 20% mining reward reinvested in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

    • According to bismuth lead developer hclivess:

    • Community: